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Your spirituality is yours.

God holding symbols of major world religions.
God? God. By Jessie Payne, 2023

Let's face it- faith transitions are messy. In addition to the pain of stepping away from something you once believed, dealing with the hurt religion caused you, and fearing what friends and family will think, it can be difficult to open yourself up to spirituality again.

Here are five tips that have helped me find peace and meaning post-religion. I hope they are helpful to you!<3

Tip #1 - Explore new-to-you spiritual traditions.

You can learn something from everyone- and there is SO MUCH that is rich and good and mystically wonderful. Ask people about their spiritual experiences and find what resonates with you. Visit local religious services with an open mind. And remember, just because something doesn't work for you doesn't mean its bad or wrong- it's just that: a different avenue of spiritual growth. We all need something different and that's okay!

Tip #2 - Find physical symbols that resonate with you.

Artwork? Prayer beads? Candles? Meaningful sensory experiences and symbolism can be a way to deepen meaning in your everyday life. Set aside time to engage with abstract ideas through your physical senses.

Tip #3 - Create a Sunday routine.

After years of hearing not-very-nice-things said about people who step back from church, you might feel guilty, anxious, and sad on Sunday's. That is valid way to feel AND you can still create a day that serves you and your needs. Make Sundays a day to look forward to; volunteer at a local hospital or food bank, make time to be outside, or visit a new coffee shop and read a book in the corner (I highly recommend this one. Cozy vibes to the max.).

Tip #4 - Share what brings you spiritual joy.

Going through a faith transition does not mean you didn't believe strongly enough or that you have been deceived. Growing and changing in your faith is something many people experience, and is nothing to be ashamed of. As is safe for you, share with trusted loved ones the things you are learning; tell them what is bringing you joy and invite them to be part of it.

Tip #5 - Trust yourself. Yes, it's hard. And yes, you can.

If you are not hearing it from anyone else, then hear it from me: your commitment to living with integrity is inspiring to me. When you tell me this is the spiritual path that is right for you, I believe you. I trust you, and you can trust yourself. I want to be a part of your life no matter where your path takes you.

Your spirituality is yours.

Whether you believe in one God, many Gods, or no God, in trees, in humanity, or not sure yet, your spirituality is unique; and it is yours.

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